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Sarah harding girls aloud dating in the dark Hermaphiditesex

‘Relationships, Girls Aloud, some of them are for her to address and get off her chest, music is therapy so it’s like once she gets her true feelings off her chest, it’s one way street [to] heaven.’He continued: ‘I hope she’s alright because she is really sweet, she’s such a lovely girl, she’s got some talent there as well.

She can dance, she’s bubbly, she’s got a nice personality, she’s pretty, she’s got a good heart, she loves animals and she’s got things to talk about and she’s got something that’s dark that will come out when she writes – she sent me some poems and songs that she’s written, she spent all night on them and they’re pretty good.’He added: ‘I don’t want her to come out and be like: ‘I’m the shit,’ because that will feed her disappointment again.

But according to him, just weeks before she entered the CBB house she was heading for a breakdown, calling him up at 4am.

‘She was talking about what to do with her life,’ he says.

She wants to be in control and that’s the thing – she wants to f**k it up rather than have someone else do it.’But it’s not just with men where it’s gone wrong for Sarah – she’s still deeply affected by Girls Aloud’s split, confessing in the Diary Room that her ‘confidence was severely knocked’ when they went their separate ways in 2013.

Jethro thinks Sarah resents her more successful ex-bandmates.

If she’s just continuing to feed off her breakdowns, viewers aren’t going to give a shit anymore.’ When asked if he thinks Sarah will go back into music, Jethro replied: ‘I know she loves music, she started playing guitar, I’d imagine she would go straight into music, obviously she could go into presenting.

I think she could do anything but…I think she will concentrate on music.’ And Jethro is keen to see his friend return to the music scene.

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When she comes out I’d definitely like to try one more track with her all finished, that would be good.’ Speaking about recording new material, he said: ‘We wrote some great songs, she came into the studio at Battersea Park but she was on her way to Ibiza so she was only in the studio for a short time because she had a car waiting to take her to the airport.As Now went to press, the plush property was listed on Rightmove as ‘Sold STC’ with offers in excess of £999,999 – £75k less than what it was put on the market for back in February.While selling off assets and dropping the price to help a sale is an indication that cashflow might be an issue, Sarah says she sold up because she wanted a ‘fresh start’.Sarah quickly responded: the real Sarah Harding as they chat about the difficulty finding love in the glare of the media spotlight, the pursuit of happiness and how to make the perfect frittata.She posted a photo of a friend wearing a cap which said "Women in music are dangerously underestimated" and included the caption: "And that's why we have to support each other." Fifth Harmony have now responded themselves in an interview with "I honestly speak for myself," she said.If she wants lessons or something - people always wnt to learn how to booty pop like Fifth Harmony.Over the last month the former Girls Aloud singer baffled viewers with her scatty behaviour – from booze-fuelled rows with Paul Danan and Jemma Lucy to getting steamy on screen with hunky housemate Chad Johnson one minute and shouting at him the next.So we had about three to four hours together, catching up, having a few drinks and getting into the studio session and we just recorded her vocals, which were great.’ But the tracks remain unfinished and now he is keen to get Sarah back into the studio.He explained: ‘We didn’t have the chance to finish it because she had to check in to go on holiday.Jethro praised Sarah and said: ‘She’s brilliant, a great night out’ but added that while Sarah is entertaining to be around: ‘She picks fights and is a bit unstable at times and you have to deal with a lot of shit.It’s kind of self-destruction – when things go well, she presses a button to ruin it all.


  1. Sep 2, 2017. Over the last month the former Girls Aloud singer baffled viewers. MORE CBB's Chad Johnson shuts down Sarah Harding split. DATING BAD BOYS. she's got things to talk about and she's got something that's dark that.

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